Glow In The Dark Sock Animal Style for kids (six pairs in one set)

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  • Gender :Unisex
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  • Material:Other
  • Product Type:Socks
  • Size type:Regular
  • Length:Ankle

Key Features

Product : GlowIn The Dark Sock

Type : Animal (cat / dog / rabbit )

Size : One Size (9 cm )

Material : storingyarn

Feature : 

  •    It can storing.
  •    It can be a toy to play.           

Origin : Taiwan,ROC

Product Introduce

Shuanjiu Enterprises doesn't use radioactive substances, formaldehyde, fluorescent substances, heavy metals, or use electricity.  The socks are long lasting and washable. The fiber can also be used in wristbands, caps, lace underwear, badges, and logos.  At night the fiber can be easily seen.

Sock's Little Story

A long time ago there was a little match girl who liked to light candles.  When it was very cold she would light a candle to warm up.  One night she lit a candle but didn't see an imaginary angel like usual.  She saw a (animal). She saw the socks she was wearing were glowing!  They kept glowing for hours! So amazing! The reason was the socks she was wearing had SHUANJIU's  revolutionary phosphorescent yarn.  The yarn could glow for 6 hours after absorbing light for only 10 minutes! Before bed, She would put the socks on her favorite doll.  The (animal) socks accompanied. She to sleep, glowing softly in the dark.

Before your child goes to sleep, you can turn off the light and tell a nice story about the animals in the socks.  You can create a warm, loving atmosphere to help your child sleep soundly and independently.  You can also explain how the socks are safe and you can save electricity.

P.S. If you want it,you can choose six pairs from in three styles.

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